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Different Communities One People Walks goes Stockholm!

Different Communities One People Walk is an urban walk focusing on bridging mental barriers within the city. 5th of November 2016 the Urban Walk was taking place in Stockholm, Sweden. During the walk we passed through Bagarmossen-Skarpnäck-Gubbängen-Hökarängen. It is the first of a series of walks that seeks to link areas across the metro-lines. Stockholm is, as many other cities, a segregated city. Sometimes the barriers are physical such as effects of urban planning, topography and geographical curcumstances. Often they exist in our heads. By meeting across and walk together between places in our city, we believe that we can overcome these menthal barriers and learn more about and from our city. Together we create new context, put new places on the map and also recieve new friends.

The event was preformed in collaboration with Newly Arrived Architects in Sweden (NAAIS), working for the integration and connection between newly arrived architects and urban planners from the world in Sweden.

One People Different Communities Walk Sthlm Carlos


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