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back up dada

Together with BACKA from Fryshuset we are programming a Back up Dada model to strengthen women voices and support each other as girls.


Mary Wanjiku and Naserian Saruni are our

Back up Dada leaders.


Back up Dada, is a comprehensive and systematic program for solving the problem of gender inequality within Korogocho and its neighborhoods  communities and addresses three critical needs: reduce school drop out rate, life skills and self esteem. Through the following; Interactive learning, mentor ship sessions and cultural engagement.

Poor schooling has disadvantaged girls exposing them to a range of influences that have negative impact on their career choices. 

The overarching vision for this project is to create opportunities for adolescent girls to acquire the education and skills necessary to become active, positive agents for change within their families, schools, and communities. Initiatives targeting adolescent girls during the critical transition period from primary to secondary school will address issues such as increased direct opportunity costs to stay in school, the need to contribute to family livelihood, sexual debut, heightened risk of engaging in transactional/survival sex and drug abuse, and cultural pressures to marry and begin a family.

The program is a unique collaboration between our Dadas Connact program and Fryshuset's Backa Sister hood initiative in Sweden. Together we will bring our skills and experiences together and form a Back up Dada model that train and educate girls and young women from our community. 

Back up dada podcast series

Episode 1 - Rachael Mwikali

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