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Through The Eyes of a Woman

On Sunday the 28th of May we launched the “Through The Eyes of a Woman” initiative in Bega Kwa Bega, Baba Dogo, Nairobi.

“Through the Eyes of a Woman” is about creativity and empowerment with the intention to show and highlight the woman’s perspective of the society. It is an initiative that encourage girls and young women in Korogocho and around, to take part and practicing their skills within music, sports and art. It is also an initiative that highlights and discuss the City from the Womans perspective: How would our cities and public spaces look like if they were designed by women?

“Through the Eyes of a Woman” is organized by Dadas Connect, a project under Hoperaisers in collaboration with Architects Without Borders Sweden and The Swedish Institute. Dadas Connect brings women in arts and sports together for the purposes of empowering, mentoring and networking.

Are you interested in being part? Let us know by sending an email to:

The initiative will also produce an exhibition in the end of the year taking place in Nairobi and Stockholm.

If you take a picture and hashtag it #throughtheeyesofawoman or #dadasconnect you might also become part of the exhibition!

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Tyson Holt
Tyson Holt
Sep 26, 2021

Great rreading

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