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It all started in Korogocho as band of five playing music for social change. Listen to one of our first recorded songs "Somebody tell me why?" and our music video G8, that went viral in Korogocho in the beginning of the 21st century. 



Established in 2007 as Community based organization primarily cater for disadvantaged children and young people aged from (4-30 years) and women, in order to bring about positive changes in their lives through the creation of a sound social, cultural and educational environment targeted to meet the needs of the Korogocho and its neighborhood community. 

Hope Raisers Initiative also works on activating the role of members of the community and increases the degree of awareness of cultural and societal issues. The organization ’s main interests are centered on topics related to entrepreneurship, mentor-ship, interactive learning, performing arts, sports and advocacy programs targeting children, youth and women.  

Hope Raisers Initiative  is structured to offer mentorship  and  outreach   programs  to  children  and   young  people  living  in  informal  settlements through arts, sports and culture with an aim of  nurturing   their  creative talents and expose them to networks that support  sports as a tool for resilient and violence prevention   for  positive   social  transformation,  the  initiative  recognizes  and  build  upon  the important  role  that  arts  sports  plays  as  engine  for social/ economic  empowerment and positive youth engagement.


Innovation and creativity; Creating opportunities for creativity and promoting distinctive ideas and rewarding innovation and development.

Partnership;  Since the charity work is based on cooperation and coordination between all parties, whether at the governmental level, the civil society level or at the level of funders and donors. 

Social Responsibility; Strong belief in the organization ’s prominent and active community role in addressing the negative phenomena and promoting the community values and principles.


G8 by Hope Raisers, 2008
Music by Daniel Onyango, Song: Daniel Onyango, Isiah Kimani, Simon Kariuki, Robert Kassim
Interview with Hope Raisers founders in Korogocho, 2009
Featuring: Daniel Onyango, Isiah Kimani, Simon Kariuki, Robert Kassim
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