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Dadas Connect 2017

In 2017 Korogocho Streetscapes will focus on empower and enlarge the amount of girls and young women participating in activities through the initiative Dada’s Connect. Dada’s Connect was established by Hope Raisers in 2016 and together we have organized forums and film screenings discussing gender issues within the art sector and in our public spaces.

In 2017 he Dada’s Connect seeks to fight gender inequality in the creative and sports sector in Nairobi. By educating and empowering girls and young women we intend to encourage and bring forward more women leaders and role models. Through culture activities issues of gender inequality will be highlighted in order to inform and influence decision makers and the wider public. By mobilizing women the project will strengthen women networks and spark women’s right movements.

Keep an eye out for our up-coming activities in 2017 and contact us if you are a young woman and want to participate in the movement!

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