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Koch Fest

Korogocho festival (initiated by Hope Raisers in 2008) works to develop unique and positive community arts programming to support the exposure and celebration of our communities rich and diverse cultural histories; to share experience and expertise inter-generationally; to help instill a sense of civic and national pride through talents, art forms and strengthen foundations for a homegrown star structure; and to nurture the continued growth of art, music, and culture by actively engaging the public – especially youth – in authentic and interactive events.


Community Percussion Discussion

Why? To encourage people to use the public space as stage for music performance and show the possibilities that the spaces have for different activities. To give the residents in Korogocho a musical experience.

How? The activity bring together various community artists, playing different instruments in a fusion of modern and traditional music presented to the Korogocho community audience. The session gives opportunity to not only listen to the music but also interact with the artists and try to play the instruments.


Voices in Spaces

How? The Ghetto Classics consists of ca 50 children and youth from Korogocho. Together they create the only classical orchestra in Korogocho. In the afternoon during one of the days they did a Flash Mob in the street developing into a public performance for the people passing by. With some help from the St Claire compulsory school we could prepare the musicians. Then the musicians went to hide on different places near the performance ground. The street was closed by the festival team and three of the musicians were seated where the performance was taking place. In the beginning the audience only consisted of a few people and we tried to keep the motorbikes and the cars off the street. Suddenly the performance begun and participants with different instruments where popping up from different directions. Finally the whole orchestra was gathered while playing and the audience grew. Many people was curious of the event and stopped to listen.


Why? The aim with the Voices in Spaces was to transform the street into a performance ground for local artists in Korogocho and show alternative uses of the streets. The performance is also intended to be a start-up for future ghetto classic performances and encourage more children to participate. The activity is also a way of giving the residents of Korogocho a cultural experience.

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