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Empowerment of women is part of a democracy-building process that generates equal rights between women and men. Increasing the number of girls in activities using art as means of social transformation provides skills within communication, creativity, problem solving, teamwork and leadership. “Through the eyes of a woman” seeks to create arenas for collaboration and mobilization of women that strengthen their voices and confidence to fight unequal norms within society. The theme of the exhibition will communicate the life of girls/women, and bring forward cultural obstacles and social structures that limit the life of women. In the long term this will strengthen woman leader ship, empower women and create gender equal cities.

The Artists

Below are all artists that were represented during the Through the eyes of a woman exhibition in Nairobi and Stockholm


Antonette Apondi

Antonette Apondi started her artistic journey through water colours, pencil and charcoal. In 2017 she joined the Dadas Connect art program. In her recent art works Antonette communicates how women are to depict body beauty; it is not always face beauty, a woman’s beauty can be in any and every part of her, in her skin. Through her paintings she wants to stop the stigmatizing view that some women have, thinking that dark skin is not beautiful…well my dear, it is!


Joan Otieno (former art mentor)

One of Kenya’s up and coming female artists, Joan Otieno is a Nairobi based artist who is inspired by her surroundings, as well as the waste materials on the streets of her city. Most of her artworks are a wide array of mixed media where she incorporates waste materials into two dimensional artworks, three dimensional installations and run way fashion wears that are functional garmentsJoan captures the beauty of waste materials by recycling through art, which if left unknown, could only render the environment unfriendly.


Esther Mumbua

Esther Mumbua started her art practice through Dadas Connects Art program in Bega Kwa Bega. In her work she likes to use a mix of acrylics and recycled material to develop mixed media art. Through her art Esther wants to encourage ladies to be go getters in life, “we should learn to put in practice whatever we do and don’t give up”.


Wambui Njorge

Wambui Njorge joined the Dadas Connect art program in 2017 and has since explored the acrylics on canvas creating pieces inspired by the environment. Through her art works she want to communicate environmental issues while exploring solutions adding to the conversation of the world through the woman's perspective.


Risper Omongo

Risper Omongo are a student under the Dadas Connect art program. She started her practice through the program and is working in both acrylics and recycle materials. She is  continuing developing her skills in the arts program.


Lourine Ocheng

Lourine Ocheng is a student within the Dadas Connect art program. “For me art is all about putting your mind set into what you are doing, to bring about what you really want.”

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