Digital Storytelling

is a method that empower residents and community members to tell their personal stories. Hope Raises guides and facilitates Digital Storytelling sessions where participants learn and receive the power of bringing forward their stories from their own perspectives.


Hope Raisers has trained facilitators who guides the workshop and help participants to develop their own personal narrative. Hope Raisers has used the methodology as part of for example women empowerment, reproductive health, food security and waste management.


My Mark My City

Future Yetu


Dadas Connect

is a project under Hoperaisers that brings girls and young women in arts and sports together for the purposes of empowering, mentoring and networking. The project seeks to fight gender inequality by educating and empowering girls and young women. the project intend to encourage and bring forward more women leaders and role models.

Through activities issues of gender inequality are highlighted in order to inform and influence decision makers and the wider public. By mobilizing women the project strengthen women networks and spark women’s right movements.


Through the eyes of a woman

Back up Dada

Sexual reproductive health podcast


suggests an inclusive way of working with urban development through activities and small-scale, high-impact implementations within the public space and the streetscape. Instead of traditional design and planning processes Hope Raisers, in collaboration with urban planners and landscape architects focus on temporary and direct interventions aiming at creating safer, more democratic and inclusive public spaces. The activities are working with the streets as a common performance ground to integrate sports, art and play in strengthening the area identity. This is done by collaborations and activities preformed in the streetscape, target children and youth.


Korogocho Streetscapes

Nairobi Placemaking week


Hope Raisers has significantly through the Jiactivate Movement continued to shape perceptions and attitudes amongst and towards young people, and secured key improvements in youth representation in governance, sexual reproductive Health and major issue facing youths in Kenya.

Link to Jiactive

Roller skating

Since the organizations inception in 2010, the skating club has risen to be one of the largest club in the country. It started out as a group of youth taking the opportunity of using the newly-paved, most dangerous, street in Korogocho for roller-skating. Through this they managed to transformed it into a safe public space. 
Apart from changing the narrative of the streets of Korogocho, the roller skating program also mentors over 120 kids between ages of 6 and 22 years. The team members have participated in major tournaments across the country in speed skating, skateboarding, rollball and artistic skating.

Football academy

Hoperaisers Football Academy was formed in 2015 and currently consists of two football teams for girls between 9-15 years. The Academy also provides coach support and leadership training.

Visual Art studio

We run an artstudio in our culture center where we host several artists. 

If you are interested in renting a space, or would like to come by tfor a visit, please give us a call. 

Exhibition Hall

In connection to our art studio we also run an exhibition hall where we curate exhibitions. 

Previously we have hosted: 

Music and DJ studio

Our music studios are set up to enable spaces for youths from Korogocho and our surroundings to practice music,. We run music classes, DJ classes as well as hosting bands. 

If you are interested in renting our space, please give us a call. 

dance drop 2.jpg
Dance studio

Our dance studios are frequently used by several dance groups. They are equipped with mirrors and have hosted dance groups of various styles. 

Give us a call if you are interested in renting the space.

Wapi Tabasaamu

The purpose of the Wapi Tabasamu program is to educate children and prepare the new generation of young community leaders with the skills and mindset to transform the society. We use a multi-disciplinary approach to help children take up the role of transforming their communities.

Our holistic approach in education enable young people to expand their knowledge and refine their skills unconsciously through life, habit and experience. 

Objectives; To rescue marginalized and venerable children from Korogocho its environs and protect them against child abuse, neglect and labor; To provide, mental, physical, emotional, social, spiritual support to children and to promote holistic development; To support accessible holistic formal education to the needy children; To provide affordable and quality balanced diet; To promote, accessible, affordable quality, healthcare, and health education sanity and safety for children.

Download our information folder here

Youth leaders

We organize and facilitate community youth leadership and mentorship training which seeks to empower youths to be leaders and agents of change in their communities.

The Youth leadership program is integrated in all our creative and sports activities, and helps and encourage youths to take leadership and realize their ideas. Hope Raisers also work with Business Models as a way of generating skills in entrepreneurship and business. 

We are currently running programs such as; 

Women make it happen - with focus on entrepreneurial skill business, leadership and technology. 

Back up Dada program - witch gives young women and girls skills in leadership and personal development. The program also focus on bring forward ambassadors to take the model further.

Music of the people

As Hope Raisers we want to spread our message of hope and compassion. We believe that a single action can make a difference in the community, and that collective action can greatly impact the world.


Music and art preformances should be accessible to all. In our side of Nairobi these events are absent. As a response to this we run a monthly concert series, where artists are invited for a live concert. 

We have had several great artists bringing music to the people; 

Ghetto Classics, Heritage Band, Ian Msanii, Motra, Tear Drops, Gravitti Band, Nyatiti stories, H-art the Band and many more

Koch fest

Koch Fest is a network of community artists known for its annual community cultural festival as well as year-round dynamic community arts programming (community events, workshops and showcases).

The mission for Koch Fest is to unite, inspire and empower diverse communities of young people through arts and culture.

The festival works to develop unique and positive community arts programming to expose and celebrate our rich and diverse cultural histories; to share experience and expertise inter-generationally; to help instill a sense of civic and national pride; to develop talents and strengthen foundations for homegrown role models; and to nurture our youth – in authentic and interactive events.

talking walls.jpg
Talking Walls

The initiative aims at opening community dialogue on the role of arts on positive social transformation through painting various walls around public space, school the streets to communicate hopemessages, identify cultural treasures among the youths share young people’s dreams inspiration of their  community and use this as a tool to reach out to others for social development.

The initiative wants to build on the concept of a good public space and street which is the one that allows people to be in contact with each other but simultaneously gives the option for individuals to remain private and respect the privacy of others.

People who reside in a slum and act within the neighborhood often feel a powerful attachment to their local street.

Voices in spaces

The initiative aims at transforming the street into a performance ground for local artists in Korogocho and show alternative uses of the streets.


The performance is also intended to be a start-up for future performances and encourage more children to participate. The activity is a way of giving the residents of a cultural experience. Sometimes the sessions are combined with instrument classes and storytelling sessions.