Support us in bridging the information gap

Information about the current pandemic, Covid-19, has spread globally, through newspapers, TV and social media. Most of us know what to do to prevent the spreading. We also know the consequences of not following the recommendations coming from the World Health Organisation, the government and health institutions.

However, there is a big information gap among the most vulnerable communities in informal settlements, who have no access to Internet, TV, smart phones or newspapers. The lack of information put them at great risk during this crisis, and in case of an outbreak they will be the most affected. This project seeks to bridge the gap of access to information within the most vulnerable communities. Through mural installations we wish to create community awareness and depict prevention measures on Covid-19.

Help us reaching helping our communities to take measures in fighting the Covid-19. 



As a way to spread information we have also started an interview series where people share their perspective of the situation, as well as bringing guidence from local helath workers in Korogocho on how to protect yourself from Covid-19.



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